“A growing, community-focused, multi-cultural membership, equipping you to recognize and tear down the walls in your life. ”



OVCCI Center for Biblical Studies

The Center for Biblical Studies is a non-degree granting school of ministry designed to provide advanced training and equipping in biblical and doctrinal studies, ministry skills and leadership skills so they can be prepared to do the work of the ministry. The courses offered are collegiate level in their design and require a disciplined heart and mind for successful completion.


Sophia's Book & Tape Ministries

The bookstore sells books, tapes and other materials that will enrich the growth of the believer. The store is opened before and after each service. In addition, the ministry has a Wisdom Room where books, video and audiotapes are available to check out.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School gives the youth a chance to have fun in Jesus during the summer break. It helps build new fellowship with other young believers of the same faith in the local community. Occasionally, there will be a class for adults.