“A growing, community-focused, multi-cultural membership, equipping you to recognize and tear down the walls in your life. ”



Living & Learning Fellowship

Children between the ages of 9-12 years old are considered the Golden Age. It is this ministry's desire to reach as many of them as possible with the gospel of Jesus Christ, to instill the love of God and strong moral principles in their lives before they reach their teens. Through evangelism and discipleship, this fellowship seek to win each child to Christ and train him/her in Christian living.

Men's Fellowship

The Men's Fellowship of Oasis of Victory Christian Church is a place where challenges are discussed, men are strengthened, equipped for Christian work, and together they engage life's threats with fearless faith. Every man desires for his life to have an impact. However there are numerous demands, countless distractions and various allures that seek the attention of men and result in spiritual anemia. Understanding the difficulties and threat to personal destiny is important but the greater challenge is engaging those demands, distractions, and temptation-renouncing their power and defeating their influences. Our goal is to encourage every man not to grow weary in the way but to finish the journey Christ has designed.

Perfected Praise

The goal of this ministry is to create a fun environment where children are taught the Word of God with simplicity and understanding. This ministry instructs every child in how to worship and praise God from their hearts, how to develop their own relationship with God through prayer, and how to share the “good news” with friends and family. Their objective is “to care, share, give, help, love and obey God”.

Single Parents Fellowship

The vision of this ministry is to lead single parents in living godly lives; whereby, producing a nurturing and godly home. The participants will learn and apply biblical principles to live holy and responsible lives spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially which will produce the fruit of raising godly and responsible families that honor God. There is also time for fellowship with each other, sharing fun, experiences, and wisdom; bringing about a bond of unity as they handle life's challenges together.

Single's Fellowship

This fellowship gathers the singles of the ministry for a time of spiritual and social activities. Meeting topics and events vary from month to month and focus on the real issues facing Christian singles.

Teen's Fellowship

This fellowship ministers to the middle and high school youth of the church through spiritual and social activities. Their vision is to raise up a generation of youth, who fear God, accept Christ and choose to live a lifestyle that is pleasing to Him.

Women's Fellowship

This ministry is dedicated to help strengthen, unify and encourage all women to reach their fullest potential. The intent of the women's fellowship is developing women to be “Virtuous Women”. This fellowship develops times for meeting and fellowship among the women on consistent basis, with a balance of spiritual and social activities.